Meet Our Families

Read the stories and watch the videos of our amazing families!


Nadine is a Miami-Dade Foster and Adoptive Parent. Nadine has two daughters, one who is adopted; she also cares for a young adult who is a former Foster Child of hers. Nadine works for the CHARLEE Program as a Foster Parent Liaison.

Adah & William

Adah & William have been Miami- Dade Foster Parents for over 3 years and have one Adoptive son. The Clark’s are Our Kids Ambassadors and active members of the South Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association.

Denise & Pierre

Denise & Pierre are Miami- Dade Foster Parents; they have been fostering children for over 4 years and have 3 Adoptive children. Denise is an Our Kids Ambassador and the Chair of the Our Kids Foster Parent Legislative Committee.

Lisa & Jorge

Lisa & Jorge have been Miami- Dade Foster Parents for over 15 years; they have 2 Adoptive children, their youngest has severe medical needs. Lisa and Jorge have fostered more than 100 children, many whom are medically needy. Lisa volunteers as an Our Kids Foster Parent Mentor and an Our Kids Ambassador.

Our Community Taking Care of Our Kids